U02 air cycle core unit

Air cycle units

SRM has developed the technology behind modern ground-based air cycle systems for cold, pressurized air supply for aircrafts. These types of systems are used in both civilian and military applications.

Conventional aircraft ground-based cooling systems use a vapour cycle system in combination with high pressure fans for creating cold air. This has mainly the following drawbacks:

  • Leakage of refrigerant gas is a common problem.
  • The high-pressure fans have poor performance and will heat up the air before aircraft entry.
  • Much cooling power is used to de-humidifying the air rather than cooling.

The SRM cold air systems use a high-performance screw compressor in combination with a screw expander for the air supply and cooling. The SRM system also contain an air dryer, which add considerable performance to the system by using the compression energy for drying the air.

SRM can supply air cycle core units including compressor/expander/gearbox-sets and air dryers. We can also support in the packaging of these units according to the specific requirements for aircraft fleets.

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