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SRH high pressure screw compressor

Development of compressors and pumps for various applications such as refrigeration, process gases, raw biogas, industrial air and vacuum are core business of SRM.

New demands and changes constantly ask for new designs and upgrade of existing products and systems.


Our highly qualified staff within flow machinery are ready to serve in engineering design, prototyping and testing of various flow machinery.

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SRM is a global high-tech leader in compressor, pump and expander development. We combine innovation and technology development with competitive manufacturing capacity on a small to mid-size industrial scale for the global market.

Compressors for raw biogas


Compressors and especially screw compressors will always be needed. New working media, new environmental legislation and new manufacturing methods will require new designs and upgarde of existing products and systems. SRM have been a leading developer of screw compressors for decades and are well suited to meet tomorrow´s demands. Reducing emissions and making processes more efficient are already important to get a competitive advantage.

SRM is your natural developing partner by delivering innovative and front edge designs that are a safe investment meeting the future. Based on our unique, patented rotor machine technology, we are developing screw compressors and screw pumps of tomorrow for customes all over the globe.