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Laboratory and Testing

SRM test laboratory

Verification testing

SRM can perform efficiency testing for a wide range of compressor types. Our available motor power is 550 kW and we can test ammonia, synthetic refrigerants and various hydrocarbon gases. Our air compressor laboratory can test water injected compressors as well as oil injected and oil free.

Our drive motors can also absorb power to make expander testing possible.

Compressor improvement projects

Performance improvement

A significant part of global electric power supply is used by different types of compressors. This is both for air conditioning, refrigeration as well as pneumatic air compressors and other applications. SRM have a team of experts who are ready to make your compressors perform better. Together we can save energy and CO2 emissions to make the world a slightly better place.

Our step by step approach use the following process:

  1.  We test your currently produced compressor and make a detailed analysis

  2.  We estimate the rate of improvement by making various modifications.

  3.  We agree with you which modifications you want to make

  4. We make the modifications and perform a verification test and final report.

Ask us for a proposal and we are ready to support.

Want to know more?

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