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SRM Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel cells are efficient, affordable and clean solutions for the supply, recovery and storage of energy. There is a wide range of applications for fuel cells; Transportation, Marine, Off-Grid, Stationary, Data centers and Energy storage for Renewable Energy systems

SRM has more than 30 years experience in developing and manufacturing compressors for fuel cells. We are working with most of the major automotive companies worldwide in developing tailored compressors for license manufacturing as well as standard ranges of machines from our own manufacturing.

Our existing range of air compressors from our own production are the following:

Apart from the air compressors we are also developing and manufacturing Anode Recirculation Compressors (ARC). These are low pressure ratio machines with high resistance against corrosion and a compact design.

Our most current model is:

Our deliveries

All our compressors can be customized to adapt to different voltage, pressure ratio and flow as well as mechanical integration. Our team of engineers are always ready to adapt according to your specific requirements.

OA075 Fuel cell compressor

A typical fuel cell compressor delivery goes through the following stages:

You send us your initial technical requirements.
A compressor specification is established in cooperation, given your fuel cell characteristics.
If one of our standard units match your requirement we will build the compressor and test run according to your specification before delivery.
If there is need for modifications of our basic range or even a new compressor design, we will offer fixed time and cost for the development including tested prototypes and pre-series. We can even offer license manufacturing of the compressor for high numbers.
When the compressor has been sent we provide installation support, training and commissioning as required.


We have developed fuel cell air systems to some of the largest car manufacturers in the world and we are committed to continue working close together with new and experienced customers to develop fuel cell air supply systems to a higher level.

We are working against following applications for fuel cells

Fuel cell cars, trucks and buses
Fuel cell Auxiliary Power Units
Fuel cell trains and other vehicles

Our compressors are extremely flexible and robust and can also be used in a wide variety of other applications

Hydrogen re-circulation pump

Want to know more?

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