Technology for industrial processes

We design smart systems for natural refrigerants and industrial processes.

A shift in cooling technology is under way

In the past few years, companies and municipalities have increasingly invested in new, cleaner refrigeration technology from SRM. Maintaining outdated systems is both costly for the bottom line and can be harmful for the environment. We provide full services to make a smooth shift to a future-ready technology, away from synthetic refrigerants such as freons to natural refrigerants such as ammonium, propane, water, air and CO2.

We carry out installations and service together with our partners

A team of engineers and specialists at SRM RefTech develop smart technology that is state of the art, please visit SRM RefTech web site. Our production lines in China provide us with components and systems at scale that can be used in several applications, for example ice rinks, food industries, air condition, process industries, heat pumps, vapour recovery, recovery of energy and gas compression.

For commercial inquiries

Please contact Peter Lundström | +46 706 194 131 |

Both standardised products and custom-made solutions

Installation of both standardized solutions, custom-made units or fully customized solutions.  With a deep knowledge of different cooling technology applications that ensures the correct solution for municipalities and food industry as well as energy companies.

Want to know more about our cooling technology and industrial processes?

Please contact Peter Lundström | +46 706 194 131 |

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