A global high tech company

Svenska Rotor Maskiner is a global high tech company leading innovation and development in smart energy systems for waste heat, hydrogen and industrial refrigeration. We offer a wide range of services areas, applications and products, all with our unique rotor technology at its core.

World-class technology

Our rotor machine technology is unique. Combined with deep knowledge and long experience in this field, we are continuously turning out new world-class technology to meet current and future demands from the market and the industry.


For us it is important to work with quality through constant improvement and we are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified by AAA Certification. This is an advantage for our customers and the society at a whole.

SRM explained in 4 minutes


Our mission is to be part of the transformation towards sustainable energy systems.

A sustainable world will not be possible without effective technology for lean energy systems. SRM products and knowledge are making a difference – over time we have developed many types of technologies and applications needed for smart energy use. We can make a difference in a changing world, and help our clients make the most of their potential.

Our strategy is to maintain our position as a leading global technical innovator combined with production of key solutions for sustainable energy at the scale and speed needed for transformation

We turn innovation into quality hardware

Our primary commitment is to the conversion of new ideas and designs into fully functioning prototypes, products, systems and applications. We are uncompromising when it comes to quality in design a well as engineering. Read more about quality and environment.

Strategic collaboration

We have recently greatly strengthened our development and production capacity through a strategic partnership with Fujian Snowman, a major industrial company with 2 300 employees, with operations in Sweden, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, USA, and China.

Being a part of the Fujian Snowman group of companies is a great advantage that brings us a whole new range of possibilities in systems development and industrialized production.


Through our combination of world class technology with industrialized products and systems for energy efficiency we strive to make a difference in a changing world.


We have more than 100 years of leadership in energy efficiency and innovation.

Looking back, we feel comfortable looking forward. Our accumulated knowledge help us create value for our customers today, as well as the society as a whole. Our engineers’ knowledge and experience benefit both our core technology and the many systems and application we have built around it.