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SRM Powerbox

We transform low temperature waste heat from industries and geothermal sources into clean electricity.

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Fuel cells are efficient, affordable and clean solutions for the supply, recovery and storage of energy. There is a wide range of applications for fuel cells; Transportation, Marine, Off-Grid, Stationary, Data centers and Energy storage for Renewable Energy systems

SRM has more than 30 years experience in developing and manufacturing compressors for fuel cells. We are working with most of the major automotive companies worldwide in developing tailored compressors for license manufacturing as well as standard ranges of machines from our own manufacturing.

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SRM Ref Tech

We construct industrial refrigeration compressors and smart systems for natural refrigerants. A large team of engineers and specialists at SRM RefTech develop smart technology that is state of the art. Our production lines in China provide us with components and systems at scale that can be used in several applications, for example ice rinks, food industries, air condition, process industries, heat pumps, vapour recovery, recovery of energy and gas compression.


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SRM Screw pumps

We have a highly reputated technology centre for screw compressors and screw expanders, offering outstanding development, precise prototype production, advanced testing and licensed production worldwide, unique energy and gas handling systems, broad technology and industrial services on compressors and gas handling systems.


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