Emission free electric power

We transform low temperature waste heat from industries and geothermal sources into clean electricity.

Efficient energy utilisation

In the next few decades, renewable energy production, and efficient and smart energy use, will increasingly dominate the energy systems around the world. This means that we are entering a time characterized by transformation. And the use of energy will be seen as a strategic question, not just a cost for production.

This is SRM Powerbox

We are a part of this transformation by delivering innovative solutions for efficient energy utilisation – with our unique SRM Powerbox technology it is economically viable to produce electricity from waste heat and geothermal sources at low temperatures.

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Unique solution for efficient energy utilisation at low temperatures

SRM Powerbox is a stand-alone power unit that transform waste and geothermal heat from temperatures as low as 55° C into emission free power production and new revenues.

Solid industrial components and easy installation, together with microprocessor controls and remote operation result in high operational reliability.

The SRM Powerbox can be ordered in the range from 150 to 2 400 kW.

An SRM Powerbox ORC use hot water to produce electricity while an SRM Powerbox WST use wet, saturated steam directly. Applications include large process-industry plants like pulp and paper, cement and steel, power stations and marine applications.

Waste heat and geothermal heat

Huge global energy sources

A large portion of the world´s energy consumption can be supplied by waste heat from industrial processes and geothermal sources.

Our unique technique makes it possible to transform low temperature heat into emission free electric power.

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Please contact Björn Samuelsson | +46 (0) 70 292 08 00 | bjorn.samuelsson@rotor.se

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